One toy, endless games

Combining old school toys with modern technology.

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Designed for ages 5 - 15

From Preschool to Highschool, every child will find their game.

A toy that adapts to every child

For the first time ever, there is a toy that adapts to every child. Preschool kids play games that react to movement, touch or distances between the Smart Lumies cubes. Primary school kids play with simple social games, for example ask the cube any question you want and the cube will respond with yes, no or maybe. Preteens create their own games using the Game Creator. Creating games will tickle their imagination and send them into a new world of creativity.

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Real physical games in 3D space

With only color and sound, kids can play logic games like Memory, Simon says or Mastermind that boost their reaction time and thinking process. They also give them the ability to play complex games like Hide and seek with power ups and Laser tag style shooter. These are real physical games in 3D space.

Everyone likes to create

Everyone likes to create and creating a new game is a great creativity boost. With Smart Lumies Game Creator you can create amazing games and share them with anyone around the world. Creating games for your Smart Lumies is just like programming but there is no code that you need to learn. Simply write down the rules of the game and let the fun begin.

Light years ahead

Using the latest technology kids can now experience a whole new world of play. Using a single toy and an application, different games can be played. We strongly believe that children should play with physical toys and that they should stop looking at the screens all the time.