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“Our mission is to provide high quality products for kids that are easy to use, engaging and boost their skills in a natural way.”

Smart Lumies founders

  • Improves coordination

    Play with real physical objects and get your hand moving

  • Sparks kid's creativity

    Express ideas and show yourunique way of seeing the world

  • Boosts logical thinking

    Solve challenges and develop tacticsthat sharpen your logical thinking

step 1

Choose a game to play

Take the Cube you want to play with and follow the given instructions. You can play it on your phone or tablet. Some games have a level map with many levels; other games have categories.

step 2

Play games on actual toys

Every game starts with simple tasks, and with time, it gets more complex and challenging. There is no need to look at the screen all the time because the primary interaction is on the ACTUAL physical toy.

step 3

Boost coordination, skills and creativity

Tap, rotate, shake, swing and swipe it. Every game has different rules and explains them at the beginning. The app showcases tasks, informs you how much time you have left and how many points you get. 

step 4

Follow your progress and get recommendations

Follow your success and find what is optimal for you. Not every game will be suitable for everyone, and that’s ok. Every person is a different player type, and all you have to do is find what suits you and play games that the app recommends to you. 

Our award-winning products are the heartbeat of the family home. With new games released directly to the app, everyone will find something they like.

  • Players

    Play alone or with your friends and family

  • Games

    More than 100+ levels & games available

  • Compatibility

    Works with iOS and Android phones and tablets

  • Updates

    New games are frequently released directly to phone

Ultimate fun

  • Achievers

    Achievers like clearly set rules and goals, where they can show their talents and abilities

  • Dreamers

    Dreamers are inspired by imaginative receptive play and enjoy activities that spark daydreaming

  • Actors

    Actors enjoy trying out different roles and behaving accordingly during the play time

  • Thinkers

    Thinkers love solving real, practical tasks by understanding a system and making it work

"I like it because it is a fun and interative experience. Kids don't play just a mobile game, they run around and have fun."

  • Klara


    I could play with these Cubes for hours.

  • Max & friends


    This is the best thing we have seen in our lives.

  • Bella


    The game where I need to guess animals is my favorite.

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