Make your school or workshop a pioneer in hybrid learning!

  • Digital and real world

    Smart Lumies games combine real games with modern digital technology. We offer a unique sense of achievement through our specially created games for workshops that increase learning success.

  • Individual approach

    Smart Lumies edu and workshop packs make it easier for teachers to design workshops and classes. The games are exciting for kids and the best part is that they can be easily adapted to all your needs.

  • Social skill boost

    Smart Lumies promotes creative problem solving, boosting social skills and engaging interaction with fellow students. Our games strenthen learner's self-esteem and spark creativity.

Smart Lumies can be customised for any need

  • Code your own game

    With Smart Lumies coding tools you can teach algorithmic thinking, creativity and social skills by creating games and activities.

  • Demonstrate physics

    WIth over 20 sensors inside, the Cube is an ideal interactive showcase platform that can be used to demonstrate different physics concepts from gravity to energy conservation

  • Play with colors and sounds

    Through the creation of new games, teacher can demonstrate the power of colors and sounds. There are millions ways of making a game exciting.

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